Google Bard vs Bing AI: Which should you use?


Google Bard is faster in generating responses compared to Bing AI. 


Bing AI is better at emulating human conversation, while Google Bard tends to shut down casual conversations quickly. 


Both chatbots provide extensive information, but Google Bard goes the extra mile by offering additional tips and context. 


Bing AI provides direct, straightforward advice, while Google Bard gives more fleshed-out responses with additional tips and explanations. 

Written Content

Both Bing AI and Google Bard can generate various forms of written content, but they are not on par with ChatGPT. 

Source Material

Bing AI does a better job of providing links to the source material, allowing for fact-checking. 

Product Recommendations

Bing AI includes product links related to the topic, making it more  sales-oriented. 


Google Bard produces content with better grammar, structure, and coherence compared to Bing AI. 


Google Bard excels in generating creative and original content. 

Personal Preference

Choosing between the two ultimately depends on personal preference, as both chatbots have similar benefits and drawbacks. 

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