10 AI-Powered Graphic Design Tools to Enhance Your Workflow


AI colour tool for designers. Generates personalized colour combinations based on your choices, eliminating choice paralysis.


Text-to-image AI tool. Write a prompt and visualize it quickly. Useful for creating photos or vectors when you can't do it yourself.

Adobe Sensei

Integrated tool across Adobe Creative Cloud. Enhances graphic design workflow with features like content-aware fill and font recognition. 


Open-source tool for font combinations. Uses filters and generators to help you find the perfect typefaces for your design. 

Nero AI

Image upscaler for enhancing low-resolution images. Fixes pixelation and increases image quality in seconds. 

Microsoft Designer

AI-based template design tool. Generates images, templates, and colour palettes based on text prompts, making social media designs quicker. 

Galileo AI

Co-pilot for interface design. Creates UX/UI designs, elements, icons, and product copy based on your text prompts. 


AI tool for UI design. Generates UI designs from text prompts, converts hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, and transforms screenshots into editable web designs. 

Flair AI

Turns text prompts into product photography. Helps visualize conceptual product designs with customized backgrounds, props, and lighting. 


AI tool for removing image backgrounds. A quick and easy tool with plugins available for various design software. 

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