ChatGPT 5: When Will it be Released and What Features Can We Expect?

OpenAI's next-generation language model, GPT-5, is highly anticipated in the tech industry.

GPT-4, released after ChatGPT, introduced significant upgrades in logical reasoning and general knowledge.

ChatGPT is yet to incorporate some of GPT-4's features, like image inputs.

OpenAI has no immediate plans to train a successor to GPT-4, indicating a longer wait for GPT-5.

GPT-5's release may not happen until 2025 or later, following the development timeline of GPT-4.

GPT-4 is costly to train and operate, which may explain the delay in working on the next-generation model.

Anticipated improvements in GPT-5 include multimodal capabilities (audio and video), increased training dataset, and integration with third-party services for artificial general intelligence (AGI).

GPT-5's release may make GPT-4 more accessible and cheaper to use, enhancing ChatGPT's proficiency in complex tasks.

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