Best Lyric Video Maker AI Tools for Musician 


An online lyric video maker with a user-friendly interface and a vast selection of fonts, effects, and royalty-free media resources. 


Free online animated lyric video maker with templates, fonts, transition styles, and kinetic typography effects. 


Free online lyric video maker with easy customization options for music, background, text font, color, size, and timing. 


Animated lyric video maker with various text and transition effects, allowing customization of fonts, sizes, and addition of GIFs and logos. 

YouTube Movie Maker

Popular PC app for lyric video creation, providing tools for fonts, colors, backgrounds, and special effects. Offers beginner and professional modes. 


Easy-to-use app for Windows and Mac, enabling lyric video creation by dragging and dropping songs, customizing lyrics, and direct sharing to YouTube. 

Steve AI

AI-powered video maker for creating different types of lyric videos, offering editing tools and a wide range of templates without watermarks. 


Simple lyric video maker with the ability to add subtitles or SRT files, featuring 500+ templates and support for multiple video formats. 


Highly recommended animated lyric video maker with keyframe animation, audio mixer, and user-friendly interface for Windows and Mac. 


Built-in lyric video maker app for iOS and macOS devices, providing a range of text, overlay, color, transition, and green-screen effects, with 4K export support. 

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