Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives

1. Microsoft Bing AI

An upgraded model of ChatGPT, Bing AI offers different conversational modes and provides accurate information. It even allows users to plan trips, get recipes, and seek advice.

2. Perplexity AI 

Trained on OpenAI's API, This AI offers ChatGPT-like functionality with the added feature of citing sources for its answers. It holds good conversations and provides simple responses.

3. Google Bard AI

Powered by Google's PaLM 2 LLM, Bard is an experimental conversational AI service. It offers a fast response time but has faced issues with plagiarized content from websites. 

4. Jasper Chat

Built for businesses, Jasper Chat is a ChatGPT alternative that holds intelligent conversations. It is a boon for marketers and professionals.

5. Chatsonic

it has the ability to access the internet, providing broader knowledge and more accurate information. It offers different personas for conversations and supports voice interactions. 

6. Pi, your personal AI

Pi provides a unique chatbot experience with supportive and smart AI. It engages in dialogue-by-dialogue conversations and features realistic and comforting voices.

7. GitHub Copilot X

Made for programmers, This AI  Help and completes code in real-time. It provides in-depth analysis and explanation of code blocks, supports multiple coding editors and languages.

8. Amazon Codewhisperer

It is an AI-based software development tool that offers proper code based on feedback via comments. It works across various programming languages and is currently free to use. 

9. DialoGPT

Trained on Reddit dialogues, DialoGPT offers lighthearted conversations and support for multi-turn responses. It can be accessed through HuggingFace's inference API and is free to set up. 

10. OpenAI Playground

Although not meant for daily use, the OpenAI Playground allows users to experiment with different language models and experience the capabilities of ChatGPT. 

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