Best AI Tools For graphic  designer


Uizard Digitizes hand-drawn ideas into digital design files, streamlining the prototyping process for app developers and designers.

AI-assisted design toolkit offering a range of tailor-made design solutions, optimizing the design process with machine learning. 

Adobe Sensei

AI helper integrated into Adobe's suite of design tools, automating tasks and encouraging innovative design solutions. 


Simplifies web design by turning image designs into functional code, reducing the time from concept to live site. 


AutoDraw is developed by Google that converts rough sketches into refined illustrations using AI's predictive drawing capabilities. 


Khroma is AI color tool generating personalized color palettes based on aesthetic preferences, ensuring consistent and inspiring designs.

AI-driven tool enhancing image quality without losing detail, useful for enlarging low-resolution images or restoring old photos.

AI writing assistant generating compelling text to supplement designs, ideal for creating engaging product descriptions or blog posts. 


Uses machine learning to transform 2D designs into 3D models, providing a more realistic visualization for product designers and architects. 

Nvidia Canvas

Translates brush strokes into photorealistic images using GAN technology, democratizing the creative process for digital artists and designers. 

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