Samsung’s Bold Move: Developing a ChatGPT Alternative

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South Korean tech giant Samsung is reportedly developing its own alternative to ChatGPT as it enters the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This move follows the company’s recent decision to restrict the use of generative AI technologies within its organization. Sources indicate that Samsung is currently working on its own Large Language Model (LLM), signalling its intention to compete in this growing market.

By developing its own Large Language Model (LLM), Samsung desires to utilize the power of AI technology to improve its product offerings and expand its existence in the AI sector. This move reflects the growing recognition of AI’s possibility and the increasing demand for advanced language processing capabilities.

Industry experts will be closely monitoring Samsung’s entry into this field as the company joins other major tech organizations in investing in the development of AI-driven solutions.

Prioritizing GPU Resources for AI Model Training

During its AI development, Samsung has imposed restrictions on the use of GPU resources within the company. This move is believed to be an intentional reallocation of GPU resources to support AI model training.

Training an AI model with real-world data inputs requires significant GPU processing power, making this resource shift a logical step. According to Samsung personnel in the electronics division, All other in-house software development organizations have been restricted from using GPUs.


Samsung’s Next-Generation ChatGPT Rival

Chosun Media has exclusively revealed that Samsung is dedicating significant resources and personnel through Samsung Research to increase its AI development efforts. According to the report, the company started these efforts on June 8th and aims to complete the first phase of development by the end of July.

While there is much excitement surrounding Samsung’s development of its own Large Language Model (LLM), it’s important to note that the company intends to use this model solely for internal purposes. There are currently no plans to commercialize this technology. The targeted applications of the AI model within Samsung include language translation, documentation, and software development. 

In a recent internal data breach, while using ChatGPT within the company, the decision to develop an in-house Large Language Model (LLM) is understandable. This incident likely accelerated the need for a Samsung-developed AI solution. According to the company, the initial version of the AI model will be fully deployed within two months.

As of now, information is few, and it is prudent to approach this development with care. More information is anticipated to be released as Samsung’s self-imposed deadline approaches. As a result, it is advised to remain tuned for subsequent announcements and developments on this front.

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