Ranked: The Highest Paid CEOs in the 

Image Source: visualcapitalist.com

10. Stephen Squeri

Leading American Express, Stephen Squeri earned $48M in total pay.

9. Hamid Moghadam

Prologis' CEO, Hamid Moghadam, earned $48M in total pay in 2022.

8. Theodore Sarandos

 Sharing the CEO seat at Netflix, Theodore Sarandos isn't far behind with $50M in total pay.

7. Reed Hastings

As CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings secured $51M in total pay last year.

6. Vicente Reynal

Ingersoll Rand's CEO, Vicente Reynal, raked in $55M in total pay

5. Hock Tan

Broadcom's CEO, Hock Tan, earned an impressive $61M in total pay in 2022. 

4. Peter Zaffino

With $75M in total pay, Peter Zaffino heads AIG. 

3. Tim Cook

Apple's visionary CEO, Tim Cook, brought home $99M in total pay last year.

2. Michael Rapino

Leading Live Nation Entertainment, Michael's $139M total pay in 2022 puts him among the elite group of top-earning CEOs. 

1. Sundar Pichai

CEO of Alphabet, Sundar earned a staggering $226M in total pay in 2022.

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