Some of the Most Expensive Items owned by all 7 BTS Members


Jungkook Owns acMercedes-Benz G-Wagon luxury SUV worth $150K. Jungkook has a large collection of watches and jewelry from brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Chopard. 


Jimmin's Property in Nine One Hannam is luxurious apartment complex whose worth is $5.3 million. He also Own Porsche Panamera GTS (worth $179,800)


V’s apartment is reportedly worth USD 4.55 million. He also is also the owner of a Genesis GV80 SUV worth USD 70,900 


Suga Owns a Property in UN Village, Seou whose worth is about $4.6 million. He  has also a collection of high-end designer clothes and accessories and Luxury Cars 


J-Hope Owns Property in Forest Trimage, Seoul whose estimated worth is about $6.1 million. He is a Cars Lover that's why he also owns a Porsche Carrera 911 worth $120,000


Jin Has Lamborghini Aventador whose worth is $522,000 and he also owns Porsche Panamera GTS whose worth is $179,800  


RM owns Property in Hannam The Hill, Seoul whose estimated worth is about  $6.3 million, and also A collection of art and sculptures.

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