Top fastest-growing careers in  Artificial Intelligence

1. AI trainers 

AI experts teach machines to learn from data and ensure that the models accurately interpret the data. This helps businesses make informed decisions with valuable insights.

2. AI security analysts: 

Their focus is to secure AI-driven solutions, identify potential threats and attacks, and develop strategies to mitigate them.

3. Robotics engineers 

They build AI machines with computer vision and language processing capabilities to work alongside humans in various tasks.

4. AI ethicists

They ensure responsible development and deployment of AI systems, address ethical concerns related to privacy, fairness, and transparency through policy and guidelines.

5. Data engineers 

They are data infrastructure experts who manage data, ensure data accessibility, and collaborate with others to meet organizational needs.

6. Big data specialists 

They manage and analyse large and complex data sets using cutting-edge technologies to organise, store and retrieve vast amounts of information.

7. Data analysts and scientists 

They collect, process and interpret complex datasets to generate insights and solutions for Different domains - they are experts in this field.

8. AI learning specialists 

They design, develop and implement AI and ML systems using tools and techniques to analyse data, build models and optimise algorithms. They are professionals in this field.

9. AI user Experience Designer

They are AI/ML professionals who design, develop and optimize systems using data analysis, model building and algorithm optimization techniques.

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