10 Best Features of Apple Vision Pro headset

3D Layered Responsive Design

Immersive UI overlay that reacts to natural light and casts virtual shadows, creating a dynamic and realistic experience.

Groundbreaking visionOS

Dedicated operating system built for spatial computing, offering a three-dimensional interface, redesigned app store, and immersive environments. 

Displays Better than 4K TVs

Dual micro-OLED panels with 23 million pixels, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range, providing a better resolution than a 4K TV. 

Environments Support

Switch between real-world UI overlay and beautiful, adjustable immersive landscapes with a twist of a digital crown.

Lifelike Realistic Digital Avatar

Used advanced machine learning and front sensors to create a highly realistic digital avatar that mimics facial and hand movements. 

Needs No Extra Equipment

 Operate the headset using hands, eyes, and voice without the need for controllers or additional equipment.

Dedicated Chip for Low Latency

Dual chipset combination of M2 Silicon and R1 chip for high computational power and minimal visual latency.

Capture Spatial Photos

Use front-depth sensors to capture 3D-like photos and videos with added depth and realism. 

Apple Eyesight

Unique feature that shows the user's eyes to outside people through an external display, creating a transparent effect. 

Spatial Audio

Dual-driver audio pods with Apple's spatial sound technology for virtual surround experience, enhancing the immersion. 

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