Best AI Art Generators 2024 (Free & Paid Tools) 

1. Adobe Firefly AI

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2. DALL-E 2 AI

 DALL-E 2 is known for its exceptional image quality and natural language understanding. It can transform text into lifelike images and offers advanced image editing capabilities.

3. Stable Diffusion AI

Stable Diffusion is a unique AI art tool that doesn't require a constant internet connection. It can generate realistic images and is perfect for various artistic needs.

4. Midjourney AI

Midjourney combines elements from millions of images to create unique AI art. It's accessible through its Discord community and simplifies the art creation process. 

5. Craiyon AI 

 Craiyon AI offers flexibility in creating various types of images, from basic sketches to intricate masterpieces. It's known for its diverse artistic styles and improved image quality.

6. Bing Image Creator AI

Bing Image Creator uses OpenAI's Dall-E 2 for creating highly realistic images. It's accessible through Bing Chat and offers a wide range of art generation options.

7. Starry AI

Starry AI is unique in allowing full ownership of AI-generated artwork, even for commercial use and NFT creation. It's a valuable tool for artists and creators.

8. Jasper Art AI 

Jasper Art is designed for marketers and bloggers, allowing them to generate unique images quickly. It simplifies the image creation process and offers style and mood customization. 

9. Getimg AI

Getimg AI offers AI image generation along with AI editing tools. It's powered by Stable Diffusion technology and simplifies the image creation process. 

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